Thursday, May 11, 2017

New Aquisitions

This time around I got a few new kits.

With the upcoming release of Guardians of the Galaxy 2, I picked up Fantastic Plastic's version of  Star Lord's Milano. The kit is 1:144 and comes in gray resin. There are a few seams and a few uneven spots. There also looks like there are a few tiny bubble clusters at the surface and just under the surface - 
Next up is my delivery from MegaHobby; Bandai's release of the Y-Wing from Star Wars. This is in 1:72 scale - 
I also have planned a diorama here I'll need some ruins with a sort of slimy, mossy look. So I pick up 2 bottles of Vallejo's Environmental paint - Slimy Grime Light and slimy Grime Dark - 
Finally moving over to the Ma.K world I saw the Gefechtsboter "Hammerschlag" from  Modern Armies in Miniature (MAIM). It's in 1:35 scale and the model just naturally lends itself to an interesting dio. 
Why does it seem that many of the Dystopian future vehicle operators are women? ;) 

Thanks for looking.

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