Thursday, October 25, 2018

Scimitar Bomber

Yet another kit that has been in the stash for a long time. Making it's first appearance in the book, Dark Forces Rising, the Scimitar Bomber is from Kessel Run, and sold through Multiverse Models.  
The 1:144 scale kit comes in 8 pieces of resin and a clear rod for attaching the model to the base. 

The kit comes with an illustrated instruction sheet, but it's pretty self explanatory except for which way around the cockpit area gets attached. All one needs to do is pay attention to the greeblie pattern and is super glued right in place. 

The model is very detail for it's size, so painting it up takes a bit of time. I chose to paint in the front window rather than using the supplied decal. 

While waiting for the paint to dry I came up with a cratered landscape, and planned for a little colony, the subject, of the bombing in the largest crater. It was made with Sculpt A Mold on top of a Michaels pine plaque. It was primed black and then I came back with white primer at a very low angle to highlight the surface textures.  Little pieces of different sized square styrene is all thats used to indicates buildings.

 From there it was just a matter of drilling a hole in the bottom of the craft to accept the larger clear acrylic rod, and then another hole in the landscape.  Some tufts of painted cotton indicates the bombing in progress. Thanks for looking.

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