Saturday, October 27, 2018

Ahab part 2

Work continues on Ahab, by adding details to the face and eyes. Then I decided to add some detail to the vest he's wearing. I'm following Ian E's techniques of adding layers and it seems to be working out for me - IMHO ;) 

Using this technique take s time, so that's was all that was done on this session.

Picking up where I left off the next day, the illustration shows that Ahab is wearing a striped shirt. So I thought I would try that. Luckily I had a long bristle liner brush by Wamp, I took my time and in the end the effort looked pretty good. The to make the striped be in the shirt rather than on it, I did a mist coat of white, and then with a smaller brush highlighted the tops of the folds and creases. Thanks for looking.

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