Monday, September 17, 2018

Scale Solutions' TIE Predator

Another  TIE fighter from the Star Wars world, Wookiepedia says:
Considered a successor to the older TIE/IN interceptor, the Predator-class fighter was still highly maneuverable and heavily armed, but unlike most previous TIEs, it was also equipped with hyper-drives and a deflector shield generated through its blade-shaped wings.
It's first appearance Was in the first comic from the Legacy series.   This TIE Predator is from Australia's Scale Solutions.  A number of years ago when Australia was going to be raising the prices for international shipping, Wayne posted that he thinks he was calling it quits figuring all the business he'll be losing. But while looking up info , I see he still has a WEBPAGE for models and the TIE Predator is still in the inventory. 

The kit comes in 9 parts giving you the choice between a regular TIE front and one that looks like a grill. it is nicely cast gray odorless resin.  

I wanted the grill front and after a little cleanup, tried the fit out. It fit so well, that I couldn't get it out. And of course, it's tilted ever so slightly dang it. I tried to spin it a little but was afraid of denting the resin. So it'll stay that way. 

The edges of the wings looked a little plain, as did the very back of the ball, so I added a little 1/2 round piece of styrene to the edges. 

Assembly came next. The kit comes with 4 pins to attach the two wings. The instructions tells you how to glue them in so the wings will be movable. Mine were a little miscast, so I just glue my wings in the open position, and primed.

The kit doesn't come with a base, so I'll have to figure something out. I also will cut a clear rod to hold it aloft, which means I'll have to drill a hole in the ball. But that's for next time. Check back and thanks for looking.

Aradia's Paolo E Francesca

This is another mini from Aradia's Dante's Inferno Kickstarter. I just noticed on the packaging, that this was a Kickstarter exclusive. Hmm

In the Divine Comedy:
Dante and Virgil meet Francesca and her adulterous lover Paolo in the second circle of hell, reserved for the lustful. Here, the couple are trapped in an eternal whirlwind, doomed to be forever swept through the air just as they allowed themselves to be swept away by their passions. Dante calls out to the lovers, who are compelled to briefly pause before him, and he speaks with Francesca. She obliquely states a few of the details of her life and her death, and Dante, apparently familiar with her story, correctly identifies her by name. He asks her what led to her and Paolo's damnation, and Francesca's story strikes such a chord within Dante that he faints out of pity. 

It looks like this painting may have been the inspiration for the sculpt - 

The parts are very well done in a gray resin - 
Most of the kit appears to be their shroud. Paolo is a full piece sans horns (don't know why he has horns) Francesca is another piece. One of her arms is separate grasping a horn, the other, also separate,  is grabbing the hilt of a sword. Another piece is a very thin (re: too thin) sword. There is also a small rock base to balance the figures on the shroud.
There are no instructions so I mostly followed the illustration on the box. I started by priming the kit in a hull red. Then glued Francesca to her feet/shroud, and base coated her a flesh color. Paolo looks to be a purple in the pic, so that's the way I went - 

Then I started refining both figures before calling it a day. Thanks for looking.
The gap in his stomach is apparently where she fits in.

Probably the tiniest eyes I've ever done. They're green to go with the auburn hair. ;)

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Review and Demo: Blue Stuff

I had this compound for quiet some time now and thought I already did a review until I went looking for it. 

It's carried by Green Stuff World ( )and comes in semi translucent blue bars. It feels like hot glue sticks. I didn't know how much I would need so I bought a few packs. It doesn't go bad, and can be used over and over.
The last time I checked, you can only get it from GreenStuff World in the UK. But shipping is really quick these days.  

Blue Stuff works by heating the material.  Boil some water then take the pot off the stove or out of the microwave, then put a stick into the water. The compound will be soft in 2 or 3 minutes. Carefully pull it from the very hot water and then start to knead it. From there you can impress something into it. The Blue Stuff cools very quickly and a mold is made.

For my application, 1/72 model kits are notoriously short of pilots. So once I found one, I put the Blue Stuff into very hot water, got it soft and then kneaded it into a pillow shape. I then pressed the pilot into the material trying to have it tight to the pilot's sides about 1/2 way up. 
Note registration pins

If I was making a one sided mold, that's all I would have to do. But because a pilot needs front and back I made registration holes along the edge. This will allow me, once the mold is complete, to line up both halves without problems. 
From there I heated another stick of Blue Stuff and repeated the process making sure, to the best I could, that  the Blue Stuff made contact with all parts of the figure. Now just let it cool.  
Unlike a regular silicone mold that you see for making resin parts, this does not need a mold release. I just made sure there was a lip on one side to help me separate the parts once cooled.

From there's it's time to make the pilot. I mixed up a little batch of Aves putty and pressed it into one part of the mold leaving enough raised to make contact with the 2nd half of the Blue Stuff. I put the 2nd half on making sure the registration pins lined up. Then gently pressed. You want to press hard enough for the clay or whatever to keep in contact with the mold halves, but not too much that you're bending the mold. 

Because it's very hard to "just put enough" clay or whatever into the mold, you *will* have some flash to carve off. I used a sharp Xacto blade. Be careful!

Giving the Aves time to dry I opened the mold and found the Aves still wet!  It turns out that I discovered (after talking to the Co.) that whatever is in Aves reacts to whatever is in the Blue Stuff.  You will need to use either Miliput or Greenstuff. I've used both with success.  As you see in the image the pilot is green, and turned out more or less ok for a first try. 

On subsequent tries I found for better detail on the front of the pilot to put him face down into the first half of the mold. This is the part you will see, and who cares if the back of him didn't cast well. Only you will know. ;) 

Another plus is that The Stuff is reusable, If you need only one part then just  reheat it, and push something else into it. I want to keep my WW2 pilot mold, and have actually made another for a modern jet pilot. So I'm good to go having my plane models "in the air" with out the empty cockpit look.

So try some out.  You know you could always use an extra ammo box, jerry can or life preserver.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Bad Fairy part 2

A super quick post here, as it's a "while I'm waiting" build.  I painted her wings with the blue/green Chameleon Colors from Green stuff World. Then added them to the slots in her back.
 Next up is fixing up a base for her. 


Monday, September 10, 2018

AT-99 Scorpion Finale

 This session I started out by cleaning up the yellow tips of the rockets, and then went crazy for a few moments and painted green stripes around the yellow. 

You'd think at this point, the model would just let me finish, but no. The rockets went on the pylons well enough, but the pylons just wouldn't go on straight. Then it gets to the point where I touched the ca, and then the part sticks to your finger with the tiny molecule of ca more than where it's supposed to go with a full coating of ca.  UGH. Eventually they did go on. 

Then I rethought the base I was considering. The copter would have been flying. It also meant that I would have to dismantle the rotor rings and replace the static rotors with circles of acetate mimicking spinning. I wasn't about to do that!!!

Finally I remembered that I only put decal film on the decals I was going to use. Coincedently, on the latest Lou Dalmasso show on You Tube, he tests decals on an extra piece of styrene to see what happens if not using Decal Film.  So I did the same thing. Nothing bad happened, so I took the extra numbers and added them to the tail, making sure I cut all the extras from around the printed parts. There was also two rescue in the arrow markers that I added near the cockpit.

So here we have it done.

Thanks for looking. 

Saturday, September 8, 2018

AT-99 Scorpion part 6

Only a small update since the 1/144 Sidewinders came in from eBay. But as it turns out it's one step ahead, one step back. Putting the decals on last time, and after multiple coats of Micro Sol, it's obvious they they are not going to settle in. I guess I put too much of the decal film over the top of them. Dang it!
So I scraped the decals off and will look for generic numbers from my spare decals. 

The missiles look great, and the perfect size. As can be seen in the pics, they are from OzMods. The arrow points to one that came with the kit. You can see how distorted it is compared to OzMods'.
Arrow points to the one that came with the kit.

There is a very fine bit of flash between the pour stub and the missile on each one plus an attachment point mid missile that needs to be removed. The other connection point is one of the tail fins. Once the stub mid missile is cut, the other breaks away cleanly by just rolling the missile over.

Once cleaned, they were primed and then painted with V's Zinc Chromate. To add a little color I wanted to add yellow to the tips. V's yellow is pretty weak, so first I had to add white. Each one was a quick dip.
Even tho the flash was minimal,  because they are so thin, it takes time to cleanup. Leaving them to dry, they will be added next session. 
Thanks for looking.


Friday, August 31, 2018


Been a while since I posted my new stuff. Besides the pack of missiles for the Avatar build I score a Bandai B Wing - Comic Con exclusive. Now I have to determine if I should keep it or build it... Nah, I'll build it.  I also scored a Shore Trooper from rogue One movie. I liked the look of these guys. This kit was pretty tough to get - 

Next is a kit from sculptor Sean Kyle. It's a 1/4th bust of Bruce Spence, the Gyro Captain from Mad Max 2. Just odd enuff to interest me. Not shown is a propeller - the base is an engine -  and a cigar and the shades on top of his goggles. - 
Here's his pic in B&W just because it looks like it may have been the reference for the sculpt - 

Finally is Wand Wilson - Lady Deadpool. I thought originally that this was just another attempt at R rated models. For a while sculptors were just putting breasts on all sorts of figures, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, Predator, etc... just a way to sell a sexy model. But no, she really exists in the comics. This is what looks like a really nice 3D print...