Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Rising Sun Miniatures Game

I have been waiting for this one!  as many may know, I don't actually play the mini games. But I do love some of the details that the figures now have - a long way from the old Ral Partha figures. 

This was another Kickstarter offered by Cool Mini Or Not (CMON).  I forget the amount asked, but basically they offer you the game, and then as others join the bandwagon, and the more they make the more free bees (in this case) they offer.  CMON has had tremendous luck with these kickstarters. The last game I was involved with - Blood Rage a Viking game, made more than $1million. This one, if they didn't go over $1 million, they came awfully close.

When all was said an done, I ended up with 4 boxes of game and figures, plus I bought the Art Of book. Their illustrations were terrific and I just had to have it. There was so many of the monsters that impressed me, I wanted to make sure they got painted correctly. 

I just opened one of the Monster Packs and was not disappointed. They are plastic - not hard styrene, but not really that bendy toy type plastic either.  
The pack came with Oni of Plagues, the Fire Dragon, Jorogumo the spider, and Jinmenju, a sort of Tree of Ghosts. I imaged a few of them - 
Oni of Plagues


Fire Dragon
I can't wait to go thru the rest of the boxes and start painting. Looks like a lot of fun. If this game isn't already available, it should be very soon. Be on the lookout for it. Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018


The mailman has been making stops with boxes the past few days. 
The first offering is the result of Aradia Miniatures Kickstarter campaign. eventually all these minis plus ones I didn't choose will be available on their site. Shipping is from Italy but as a customer for a few years, I've never had any problems with delivery. 
The minis were based on the  works from Dantes Inferno. Unlike other minis that are 1 or 2 parts, these come in many. So rather than opening the bag and taking a chance of losing parts, I decided to borrow images from the campaign. All these images are borrowed from Aradia in an effort for free advertising for them).  
There were many excellent figures to choose from, but in the end I chose Charon the Boatman from Hades -
Next is The Gorgon. As a "fan of Medusa, I cannot have enough Medusa figures. The scene is complete with the warrior turned to stone, and her tail wrapped around him,crushing his figure. 
While I never saw her with wings before ... it is what it is. :)
 The third is Ulysses (and Diomedes). According to -
Dante's guide lists three offenses committed by Ulysses and Diomedes: devising and executing the stratagem of the wooden horse (an ostensible gift that--filled with Greek soldiers--occasioned the destruction of Troy); luring Achilles--hidden by his mother, Thetis, on the island of Skyros--into the war effort (for which Achilles abandoned Deidamia and their son); and stealing the Palladium--a statue of Athena which protected the city of Troy--with the help of a Trojan traitor, Antenor (Inf. 26.58-63).
For this Dante sees them in the 8th circle.  Here's the model - 
All of the above models are 75mm. The one below, which IIRC, turned out to be a free bee (along with a model of a pile of bones) is 32mm.
Fourth is the lustful Paolo and Francesca. In Dante's Inferno, in the 2nd circle of hell known as Lust or The Carnal he calls to Francesca. It has been written that Dante was a contemporary of Francesca and might have even known her. As the story goes Francesca is married, but falls for Paolo, brother of her husband. When the husband catches them he goes to kill his brother, but Francesca steps in front and is killed by the sword. Horrified that he kills his wife, he also kills his brother. In the story Dante has the adulterous couple to hell. As a sidebar it is often thought that this was the basis for Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet which was written much later. 
Enough story, here's the model - 
Although the campaign is now over, you can see the other models available from this series HERE.

Leaving the Circles of Hell, we turn to a galaxy far away. From Megahobby I received Bandai's Blue Squadron Resistance X-Wing. The ship from Rogue 1, was most prominently featured in the climax Battle of Scarif.  rogue 1, BTW, is in my top 3 Star wars movies. 
Thanks for looking.


Monday, February 5, 2018

Solo Movie

Been away from the hobby table. I have work to do there, but just haven't the mojo to go up and do stuff.
But seeing the snippet trailer for the upcoming new Han Solo movie, I did notice a new TIE variant?  Maybe a possible subject for the GK guys?  ;) 

EDIT: seeing the longer trailer, that pod is a twin cannon pod...

Thursday, January 25, 2018

The Deep One

This time around is another kit from the mind of John Dennett and Moondevil Studio. The kit is called The Deep One and is based on the monster in Lovecraft's The Shadow Over Innsmouth. 
The model is 1:12 scale and comes in 7 parts of a green resin. There is a little bit of a seamline, and will take a bit of time if you don't want to obscure the ton of little details - bumps scutes etc...

The parts went together without any problems. The gap between the torso and the lower body/legs were a little larger than those on the arms. But some of V's Plastic Putty made short work of it.  After that a primer coat was sprayed to take a look at those seams. All is good.
I still haven't decided how to attach the model to the base - I'm thinking magnets. Then a paint coat. More next time. Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Paleo Productions Camarasaurus Skull

This newest model by Paleo Productions is the result of a Kickstarter.
Camarasaurus was a sauropod that roamed North America during the late Jurassic.
 The model is 1:3 scale, resin model. It is one piece and arrived painted in the dark tinted stain.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

MSL -01 Moon Ship Glider Finished

For the last session I was waiting for the bases to come from SSM.  Well, as expected by their very quick deliveries, the box arrived and I broke one of the bases out to try and mimic a moonscape. I used various colors of back and gray and creat a moon look.

I then take the model off the shelf - and - - WTF it happened again. The top coat in places alligatored. This time only on what would be the top of the ship.
I think I'm going to have to make a change in the process here.

Anyway, I got out the ultra fine 3M sanding sponge, wet it and started very delicately sanding away. I had to get rid of the alligatoring, but not get down to the decals... I got it to where it wasn't terrible and then applied a rather heavy layer of Future. Future self-levels so I had high hopes that it would solve the problem. I feel that I got it about 90% looking ok. 
The ship went on the base and it's done. Thanks for looking. 

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Hangar 18's cosmonaut Finale

This past session I was able to finish up with the Cosmonaut. Sputnik received it's chrome coating. Showing a WIP to the guys at Planet Figure Miniatures forum, it was mentioned that the antenna should be replaced as what's there is a bit thick. I had been thinking about that  and while the wire I had wasn't that much thinner, it does make a difference.
I also added a spacey theme paint job to the clear base. 
Sorry about the blurry closeup - the only camera I have is my phone. Thanks for looking