Saturday, May 19, 2018

Black Heart's Vlad Finished

With the base coat finished and dried, I picked up with the shadowing and highlighting. Here can be seen that I also started on what I took to be pearl's around the cap. With the black base coat, I simply added a white pearlizing paint  - 

The pearls didn't take as long as I imagined, so it was on to some pigments for the dark 5 o'clock shadow and I was done with the bust. 
It was here that I decided I wanted something a little more unique for the base. I'll think of something. Thanks for looking.


Friday, May 18, 2018

Vic Torry's Saucer Finale

We left off last time with the saucer and stand in gloss black primer .
I was going to do something special with the base but decided to just leave it as it is.

For the saucer I decided to use Vallejo's Duraluminum for the color and gave it a spray. Once dried, I added blue and then a dot of white to make it look like the engines are firing. 
Finally, I used Kristal Klear to make the from window glass. Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Luft '46 Finale

I've had both these planes sitting around about 95% done for a week or more. The part that I dread the most - installing the canopy -  was what was left. But I just had to get these things off my workbench. 
     Since the last time the Me. 1092 got painted a simple dot pattern that I saw on one of SAMI's builds. Originally I thought I ruined it as I felt the dots were too dark compared to the background. Then I had a brainstorm and lightly misted the base color over the whole model and the dots were nicely toned down. 
     The other chore was that I had to remake the panel lines. member the old ones were like Grand Canyons all over the model. My plan was to just draw them on with a graphite pencil. A member of my model club told me to just scratch them back in. Big mistake. There are a number of spots that I botched and basically just gave up.  The landing gear and wheels were from a 1/72 scale Me. 262, but the back wheels were way too big. For anyone paying attention if they were raised they would never fit in the wells. :P  Anyway this is what I ended up with - 

The Lippish 13.B went a bit easier. My main problem with this one is that I didn't want all my German plane camo to be the same, and while I forget the numbers now, I basically lighten the lighter color and darkened the dark color.  The problem came when I tried to mix more of the lighter color. I used a flesh to lightened, but could remember which one, I have about 10 flesh colors. It wasn't until I had 4 or 5 false starts that I found the right paint color and finished up around the canopy.  I also stretched some tube sprue and created two guns that fit in either side of the cockpit. 
Here's this one. Thanks for looking, but don't look too close  ;)  - 

Monday, May 14, 2018

IT's Pennywise

With the remake of Stephen King's IT, Gillman Productions has produced the new Pennywise.  Having just seen the movie (meh) it was time to start my take of the monster clown. The kit comes as two pieces - the bust and the base. The base representing what was the sewer. The sculptor, Mark Van Tine, also signed the bottom with a little illustration -
Next was looking for suitable reference image. There were a lot and I settled on this one - 
Being he's basically white on white I thought it best to start with the hair. Starting with a mix of Leather brown and Mahogany the paint went on quickly - 
Looking at the base I outlined the letters and the pipe with black and then started filling in with color. The pipes are done in Vallejo copper from their Metallics line - 
Turning back to the clown the hardest part was getting the lines through his eyes symmetrical - 
I washed all the creases with Vallejo's Light Gray wash. But then taking another look, I noticed that the main part of his shirt had a blue cast to the shadows. So I made a wash of V's Blue Gray and added that in. With that, the figure was done. Thanks for looking. 

I painted the sneaker red to bring that color over from the front of the kit.

"You'll float too. Everyone floats!"

Black Heart's Vlad

Black Heart Models, know for their 1:1 scale busts, have started a "micro" series of figures. Some of them are even historical in nature. I recently picked up Hannibal and Vlad the Impaler. Today, I'm starting Vlad. Besides what you see in the image it also comes with a pedestal type base  -

First thing was to look for an idea of color. Most of the images I'm familiar with are the woodcut or illustrations based on the woodcut.  Also a lot of the newer images had either a blood red vest or cape. To me that was a little too cliche. I settled on this pic -

As always I start by blackening the eyes and then start base coating -
Base painting well under way -

I did use red for the hat but will be darkening it down with some washes. The vest is Cavalry Brown, which has sort of on the red end of brown. The edge of the cap was smartly done. It looks like the sculptor used beads on a thread, and wrapped it around the band. Cool idea!

Thats it for today. Thanks for looking.

On to PART 2

Monday, April 30, 2018

Future Retro Moon Suit Finale

I left off with the assembly under way. I finished that up, and then turned to the decal.  First thing I noticed was that it was VERY thick. Almost to the point where I thought it was a sticker and not a decal. Even cutting the decal close, in a few spots it wasn't close enough and if you really look, you can see the carrier film. Oh well. 
I added some black/gray "dust" to the suit and positioned it on the moon base.  Thanks for looking.

Vic Torry's Spaceship

Vic Torry and his Flying Saucer was a pulp comic released in 1950 at the height of the flying saucer craze. In one episode Vic, an aviator, and his girlfriend are given a flying saucer by a dying alien. Getting in, it is programmed to return to the home planet of Mercury. They land amidst a civil war...

I picked this kit out of the stash after the Moon Suit and Charon builds, I wanted something simple. Looking it over I don't think I could get anything more simple. 
The Atlantis kit is 4 parts of yellow styrene for the saucer and 4 parts of purple for the base. It also comes with a card stock cardboard of pages of the comic. It also comes with a little blinking LED, but I'm leaving that out.
 The one thing that confused me about the model is that the kit is yellow plastic, the saucer in the comic is yellow, and a lot of the models I see built are painted from a yellow through a gold color. But right in the first page of the comic, the script says the saucer is silver! 
Hmmm.  I will be painting my saucer silver!  

Looking the kit over and test fitting, it's apparent that there are no windows, so I will have to add them later. But first I blacked out the interior so it hides the yellow and the fact that there is no interior. 
You can see that the two engines have also been attached.
I then closed the two halves up and puttied the seam around the edge.  After that. I painted the craft Vallejo's gloss black primer to be ready for V's Metallics. 

I like their Duraluminum color. But that's for next time. Thanks for looking