Friday, October 5, 2018

Medusa part 4

The scales haven't arrived yet, so I continue to work on the base. 
Turning my attention to the little pinholes, I was lead to this stuff my a model railroad guy - it's Chinchilla Dust. Evidently they like to take dust baths and the particles of this stuff is *tiny*!

It's in a mayonnaise sized jar, and it looks like I'll have it the rest of my life. Because the particles are so small that just a little bit of PVA glue, and then a sprinkle of this stuff, covers the pinholes without creating little mounds on the model. 
The white areas are the Dust.
From there, I let the PVA set up for a few minutes and then took some watered down paint, and was shocked how the dust absorbed in the paint and instantly changed colors, unlike regular sand.  The down side, if it really is one, is that some of the particles are "glittery", so if you just a dull base, you need to over coat it with a Matte Clear spray.

 Next, I went back to painting a few more of my snakes. I took a look at a few  different species and tried to match their patterns. 
Before ending this session I also added a few dead leaves (from the vine) to the base. I had added some Realistic water to help the wet look, and just stuck the leaves to the Water. 
Thanks for looking.

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