Sunday, September 4, 2016

Fantastic Plastic Space Angel Starduster

 From Fantastic Plastic's site:
"Space Angel" was an animated sci-fi series produced by Cambria Studios. Set several hundreds years in the future, the show chronicled the adventures of Captain Scott McCloud, aka "Space Angel," Electronic/Communications expert Crystal Mace and Scottish Gunner/Engineer Taurus, all whom crewed the Interplanetary Space Force rocket "Starduster.
The Starduster itself was an elegant three-winged tail sitter distinguished by its bulging eye-like cockpit windows, mid-fuselage canards and massive tail. Weapons included both nose and tail-mounted cannons. The Starduster flew via conventional rocket technology with no consideration of faster-than-light travel."

Just got my kit in the mail yesterday and quickly opened it. Just an initial look, and I've been buying FP kits since the beginning, but I'm sorry to say that this has to be the worst kit I've seen from them.  :(   
It's upsetting as this is the first real negative review I've ever given. I guess a bright side could be the decals because they look good, but then again I haven't used them yet. 
The main fuselage mold looks like it slipped and has a lip almost the entire length, and when I started sanding a myriad of pinholes appeared. 
The canards feel more like a rubbery toy plastic than the resin that I'm used to. Like others have said in a different forum, I'll prolly have to make my own. 

In honesty if I didn't start to mess with it, it would have been the first one I would send back. 
There is another build of another kit casted by Masterpiece and he's illustrated the same complaints. In the future, unless Masterpiece gets their act together I will avoid kits they've casted.

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