Sunday, November 29, 2015

Blue Gemini Part 2

I managed a few more hours in the hobby room and continued with the Blue Gemini. Taking a good look at the clear parts that are the Gemini doors, I decided they needed a dip in Future.

Then I turned my attention to the retro and equipment sections. They are primed and then painted. The instructions call for them to be painted "medium" gray. Vallejo's medium gray looked very dark, so I painted it with some of V's Sky Gray instead.  Afterward I washed the jets with some Citadel's Badab Black.

As you can see I also painted the capsule. There are few images online and this one shows it in a distinctly blue cast - 
But the instructions call for simply black. I remember others painting their Gemini's black with a little bit of blue in it so that's what I did.  While I had the black/blue paint mixed, I also tackled the doors. I was debating how to mask the windows, but I just ended up putting on my Opti-visors and did it freehand. 
While everything was drying, I also created a simple base by drilling into the equipment section until it bumped up against a spar in the retro section. Then I just have a brass rod into a wooden base that will insert into the drilled hole.
Next up is a gloss coat, decals and a satin clear coat, then I'll call this one done. Thanks for looking.

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