Wednesday, November 25, 2015

X-19 Done

I finally got around to putting the decals on the X-19 and I'm calling this one done. The decals didn't line up exactly with the drawing on the directions. I don't know if some of the decals were too big or the guy drawing the illustration was doing so out of scale. But they went mostly where they belong. ;)

One thing I learned was that I should have left the nacelles with the propellers OFF until the decals were complete ...

One other thing I learned is that I put some of the decals over the windows to get them in place before cutting them.  These windows was the Microscale Kristal Clear. Once the wet decal went over the window, the moisture instantly re-wetted the glue and turned it White.  OH NO! But not to fear as the water dried that "glass turned clear again.  Here's the pics - -  


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