Wednesday, March 10, 2021


 This is another kit that was deep in the pile. My favorite Cryptid, Mothman! I'm surprised I waited this long to build it up. 

I picked this up from Jean StJean Studios. It came in 5 parts of gray resin. There were very few noticeable seam lines, and clean up was very quick. 

 Now, the typical description of the monster is a black being with wings, and bright red eyes.

But being that a lot of nice detail was sculpted into the wings, I couldn't just leave the entire thing black. The wings had "eyespots" on the inner and outer wing, so I mimicked the eyes with some of V's Black Red. Toward the top of the "eye" I lightened the red a bit. 


Then there was this crosshatching along both sides of the wings. I gave that some light gray on the outside and a darker gray on the inside. 


From there the body was painted in V's Black Gray, and then highlighted with some Medium Dark gray. The creases got a was of Nuln Oil. But then I didn't want it to be too monotone, and gave the whole thing a misting a Army Painter's Blue tone with the airbrush.

The eyes were painted gloss black, in prep for V's White Aluminum, and then some Transparent Red.

The base is rubble with the creature perched on some of the iron bridge remnants. I have the rubble a few browns and blacks, and the iron was painted steel, with a few different rust colors. I then added dots here and there of the Molotow Chrome for sparkle.  I looked up and found an image for the newspaper for the day the Silver Bridge collapsed. As soon as I get more ink for my printer, :P  I'll print that out an add it to the rubble. 

Thanks for looking.


Monday, March 8, 2021

RS Models Heinkel 112v3

 As I make it plain, I love the prototype, or never made if off the drawing board type plane models. This one was almost the case. Needing a fast plane this He112v3 lost out to the Bf-109s. Not because it was fast enough, but because they were too expensive. You see, the plane had a jet rocket in the tail. While the German's said no, a few were made for other countries. 

This is a resin kit from RS Models and is in my usual 1:72 scale. 


The one dislike I had for the model was most of the parts were put right on the pour block. You had to be REALLY careful when cutting parts off the block.

Once the cockpit was installed and painted (those tiny resin foot pedals were a bear to keep from losing) the fuselage was glued together.

Then came lots of filling and sanding!

I was so afraid I would break the landing gear before getting it off the block!

Then came the primer, and then more filling and sanding. Then tragedy struck. Despite it being a partial jet plane, it only had a wind screen. (?) Somewhere along the lines it was eaten by the dreaded carpet monster!!  Grrr!!

 I tried using the only other vac canopy I had. Wasn't the right shape, but at least there's something there, and I can say it's finished.  

The decals were ok, but needed a long soak to get off the backing paper. I keep complaining about my camera on the phone but this makes me really want to solve the problem. The instructions call for it to be RLM 02. But the phone had other ideas. Edit: I saw a video by ISM and gave hints on improving pics with your phone. So I retook. Anyway, thanks for looking. 


Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Star Wars Royal Yacht

 Yet another oldie but goodie from Fantastic Plastic' retired line. This is the 1:288 scale Naboo Royal Yacht. It was seen in Ep. 2, when Padme and Anakin went to Tatooine to find Anakin's mother. They then used it to get to Geonosis for the failed attempt to rescue Obi Wan. 

I picked this one out as I wanted to give the Rust-oleum Chrome paint another go... Only a few parts on this one so it was a super quick build.  Once again from sitting in the box for a decade one of the side fins and the ship's top fin had a little warp in it. But what was weird was that as soo as I put each part in the super hot water it straightened out on it's own! 

 Once again FP gives you the option for either gear up or down. As I did the last one up, I decided that since this one is a small light model, that I would give gear down a try.  With that, the parts that gave me pause was that both sides of each gear bay door was together. So careful cutting was needed to separate then evenly. A score mark made it rather easy. 

Next was to put on the fiddly rear ramp. I just super glued it to the rear opening and then let it droop to the table. This was the easiest way to make sure it touched the ground. A little side to side straightening, and it was attached. 

This time I just gave the crafty a spray of the Rust-oleum, and the shine was very good. I think I will pick up some on the metal polish to see what that does to the paint. I primed the base and gave it a shot of V's Engine Exhaust metallic paint. 

Next was some paint paint for the windows, and I also added some black in the back of the craft so it gave the illusion that there was something more once up the ramp. Thanks for looking. 



Thursday, February 11, 2021

Star Wars Vector Wing Fighter

Diving back into my stash, I came out with another Fantastic Plastic oldie but goodie. Due to a C&D, all of FP's Star Wars kits are currently retired. The kit is their their Vector Wing fighter in 1:72 scale. It came in 26 parts of white resin, and one clear resin canopy.

It went together with little effort. I had the brainstorm to use the box as a holder for the parts. ;)

The only thing is that it's a bit easier to paint some parts before assembling the craft. 

 The cockpit area was a little plain, but then again it's so small, that when the canopy goes on little will be seen. But I did add some detail to the instrument panel. 



It was at this point that I had my oops. The seat had a little pedestal on it. Was that supposed to be there? was it part of the pour stub that had to be sanded off. I left it there and the pilot looks to be seated correctly in the cockpit ... UNTIL I tried to put the canopy on. 

The pilot was well super-glued in so he wasn't coming out, so the only thing left was to add height to the canopy. So I added some styrene to to bottom. I also added it to the back but ended up sanding that all off as I made things fit. 

I think it was either a 1/2 mm or 1 mm styrene. That was enuff to clear the pilots head. I was done. Thanks for looking. 

Tried to image the pilot but got a nice shot of a little weathering on the ship.

Friday, January 29, 2021

Naboo Royal Cruiser

 This kit is an oldie from Fantastic Plastic when they did a few Star Wars vehicles. The Cruiser was seen at the beginning of Ep.2, Attack of the Clones. Just by the way it slid into frame and then did the 360 for landing it instantly became my favorite ship of the prequels. Sadly FP got a C&D from Lucasfilm and that was the end of his Star Wars offerings. 

The 1:288 kit was produced in 2009, and came in 20+ parts including landing legs and a base.  I had often thought of molding and casting in metal the spindly looking legs, but with that never happening, I decided to leave it as "in flight." 

With it in the box for so long I wasn't surprised that one of the wingtips had warped over the years. But the hot water bath quickly fixed that. 


The fuselage parts were thick and instead of superglue, I used 2 part epoxy.

Once glued it was time for the seam filling. Some areas met up better than others.

The front was still a bit rough so I glued a half round piece of styrene to the front and filled some more...

After leaving it sit for a while, I took another look and decided the panel lines were rough and too deep, more filling.

While I was filling and sanding the little scratches and divots - according to the move this ship was supposed to be chrome - I had to make sure it was as smooth as possible.

I saw a You Tube video where this guy tried out a new Rustoleum rattle can called Bright Coat Metallic Finish. And WOW it really looked like chrome! So I decided to try it as well. I gave a shot of the paint to the bullet shaped engine covers and I was very impressed - 

 So after making sure the ship was as smooth as possible, I shot that too. Impressive!

Is it perfect? No. But I really like how it turned out. Thanks for looking.


A little light blue paint to mimic the engines running.

Some gloss black to indicate windows.

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Ultraman Space VTOL

 With January seemingly just 2020+1, I just couldn't get myself motivated to started building again. 

First job was to get up to the desk, and then 2nd  was to look for something super simple to start and finish in a day or two. I found it with Bandai's Ultraman Space VTOL mini kit.  I thought it may be 1:72, but no. It's more 1:100 to 1:125 (guessing).


With the instructions illustrated on the back of the box cover. I went together in no time at all. 
It didn't need paint if I didn't want to tho I did paint the silver plastic with Vallejo Aluminum.


Decals were next, they were super thick and a real PITA to get off the backing paper.


But that was it. In two sessions I had my first kit of '21 finished. 

Friday, December 11, 2020

Mars Rover Air Bags

 This is definitely in the "And now for something completely different" file comes the Australian Scale Solutions model kit of the Mars Rover airbags. Scale Solutions was very prolific with their kits in the early 2000s, but *IIRC* the Australian Post Office raised international mailing rates a lot. He complained that it would ruin his shop, and it didn't take long for him to stop posting his kits on sci-fi boards. 

This is a simple 1:40th scale kit in 4 parts of VERY hard tan resin. 

Around each set of airbags is this definite seam that needed to be ground away.

The kit even comes with a few rubber bands which is called for in the instructions. This kit has to be 10+ years old and I was surprised the bands weren't deteriorated.

Once super-glued and epoxied together together - including an aluminum tube for the stand - I glued the 4th side on. The fit was loose and all the seams needed some Aves to fill the gaps. 

All images showed this white tan airbags. Some images showed a gray strapping around the bags. I mixed up some white tan paint and then some light gray for the straps. They looked too dark. After adding some "Mars dirt" to the bags from bouncing, I gave it a mist coat of the white tan. That seemed to even everything out. I added a small Mars base and I was done. Thanks for looking.