Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Pilot

Coming from western PA, it didn't take long for Industria Mechanika's pilot to arrive.
It's a nice little resin kit in it's own right with 4 parts - the 2 arms, the body and the head - 
Obviously you can do what you want, but I left the pour stubs that's attached to her feet. It makes a nice handle while you're painting. 

Looking at a WW2 uniforms, I copied the colors the best I could using Vallejo's English Uniform for the clothes, and Red Leather the the goggles, gloves and boots. Beige Red is the base skin color.  I wanted to make the life vest yellow, but yellow is the weak spot on Vallejo's catalog (I really need to get the more pigmented Citadels yellows) so I had to paint the vest white. Before the yellow. Eventually the yellow went on - 
The lenses of the goggles are gloss black in preparation for Green stuff World's color shifting paint.
But that's next time. Thanks for looking.

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