Monday, May 28, 2018

Red Star 47 part 3

Continuing to paint the sub assemblies, I found a very good reference of fuselage colors -

This model is a little confusing with it obviously the future, and yet the pilot is dressed as if she (IM says she's a she) is dressed as if it was WW1, so the only thing to do is split the difference.  I painted the bottom of the craft the "Brilliant Medium Blue". From there I noticed I needed to do more building in order to do more painting. 
The first part for today is the steering vanes. The majority of the vanes are resin, but they are clad in rivet clad PE to strengthen it - 
Steering vanes in the back of pic
The PE and resin aren't exactly the same shape so some filling will need to be done.
From there I got into PE mode and decided to finish putting the PE on the subassemblies -
The dremel helped carve the shape of the rear vent better to accept the PE

Rolling the exhaust covers. Glad I kept that bag of misc. metal tubes/rods. :)
Just before quitting I was anxious to see what the cockpit looks like. In my mix and match approach, I painted the interior that turquoises color (or a close match) to what the model Soviet/Russian aircraft has.  Thanks for looking. 


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