Monday, April 16, 2018


This time around I have 2 figures and another weird plane.  Anyone who knows me, knows I like the weird or bizarre aviation.  This one I saw covered in a recent issue of SAMI magazine.  It's the Kalinin K-12.  From  a site: 
Experimental tailless bomber with two M-22 engines, yet another step on K.A.Kalinin's way towards his dream - rocket-powered supersonic flying wing aircraft. Light bomber carried crew of three.
Confidence in the K-12 was so high, that the experimental aircraft was included in Tushino parade fly-past on August 18, 1937. Painted in impressive feather-pattern, it was presented under nickname 'Zhar-ptitsa' (Fire-bird).
Ten K-12 were built, but production was cancelled when K.A.Kalinin became a victim of Stalin's purges.

I was able to get this kit from Ebay, coming all the way from the Ukraine. 
Next up are two busts. Pan (from Pans Labyrinth) by Angels by Noemi, and can be gotten from her ETSY page.
And fans of horror knows this bust needs no intro - Peter Cushing as Baron Von Frankensten, by John Dennett, and MoonDevil studio.  The Baron is the first in a set of busts of Hammer Film characters. The next one,which is already released and on it's way to me, is Christopher Lee as Frankenstein. But we'll see that next time. Til then here are the busts - 

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