Wednesday, April 4, 2018

McDevitt's The Punisher

This time around I worked on Troy McDevitt's The Punisher. It is one of his Comics series. Each bust is sitting on a stack of comics having to do with the busts subject. To date Troy has about 10 busts in the series. I recently heard that he has seven more coming out shortly. So if you're a model and/or comix fan, check 'em out. 
The kit comes in three parts - the bust, the stack of comics, and one standing comic book - 

It was very nicely casted with no bubbles and only one fine seam line along the stack of comics.
Things went so smoothly that I only remembered to take a few pics - 
Here the figure is just base coated

Starting to add detail

He had a heavy brow, so he's tilted back to see the eyes
I just kept tweaking the details, until I was happy, then started in on the stack.  In the time it took my to build the model, I had no idea what I did with the decals for the comics. Emailing Troy, he gladly sent me another set. I cut the first one out and had it in the water a number of seconds before I realized that they weren't decals but just cutouts. Doh!! But it made installing them a whole lot easier. I used Tacky Glue, and they went on 1, 2, 3. Once dry I used Army Painter Light Tone to shade the pages of the comics and I was done. Thanks for looking.

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