Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Space Cadet's Huygens Lander part 4

This session was to  assemble the Huygens Atmospheric Structure Instrument (HASI).  First thing that needed to be done was cut the two pieces off the PE fret.  Then a resin piece was added to make the "T' on the short side. After that I had to laminate 1mm half round styrene strips onto the straight parts. I thought this would be a lot harder than it was, save for my first cut which was short.
Next was to add the mounting base. On the instructions it said to leave a little PE showing that would mate up with a slot in the hole for the HASI.  No good. I could see the slot but the were no way I could fit the PE in there. I ended up just drilling out the hole, eliminating the slot and trimmed the exposed PE to fit. 

That was essentially it. They made further instructions for those wishing to do more.  I wasn't going to but then I saw one step was to add wiring for the parachute jettison on top. Being crazy, I took some .010 lead wiring and added that one.  Came out ok.

Next stop is the paint booth. The instructions and images show a gold/silver color. That's next time. Thanks for looking. 

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