Thursday, December 28, 2017

Space Cadet Huygens Lander part

This session starts out with a correction. I showed my WIP images on the Real Space Modelers Yahoo Group. The next morning I had a few "atta-biys" but there was one from one of the kits designers saying "Good Job", but also letting me know that while I might not be able to fix it at that point, I installed the landing radar upside down. Oops. 
I couldn't leave well enough alone and with the thought that I would be scratch building new landing radar out of styrene, I careful tried prying them off the Lander. One after another they easily popped off! When I got to the 4th one, I was in dread thinking one of them has to give me trouble. But no, number 4 popped as easily as the other 3.  I simply turned them around and glued them back on. 

While the glue was drying I turned my attention the the base. The instructions said that due to ... something I don't remember the real color of Titan was a color between wood and dark brown. I decided to lay down some Orange Ocher as a base to start. From there with the sun streaming in the window I decided to paint a shadow for the craft.  I also added some "ice" to the ground and was happy.
After that I turned my paint to the Lander. The instructions said it was a combination of gold and silver. I went with V's Gold and Silver from the new Metallics line.  The image has it looking too silver. But in real life it's more gold.  Experiments get painted next time.  Thanks for looking.

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