Sunday, December 31, 2017


Santa has been dropping boxes off for the past month. So I thought I share whats in the boxes. First I got it into my head that I can start making my own figures. So besides signing up with Troy McDevitt's sculpting class thru Patreon, I got myself  a stand to help stead any future works of "art." ;)

Then there's a kit from Creepytables that looks a little like a certain caterpillar in a certain story about a certain girl in the 22cm size. ;)
 I refound Monster Dork Studios on Etsy, and picked up his take on Cookie Monster - COOKIE!
Finally Space Cadet Models released kit #2, A kit of Pioneer 2 and 4. As of now Space Cadet is only on Facebook, but they have their page set to Public so no one has to join FB that doesn't want to just to have a look.
As a fan of the vintage space craft, I'm looking forward to getting to these.

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