Saturday, September 8, 2018

AT-99 Scorpion part 6

Only a small update since the 1/144 Sidewinders came in from eBay. But as it turns out it's one step ahead, one step back. Putting the decals on last time, and after multiple coats of Micro Sol, it's obvious they they are not going to settle in. I guess I put too much of the decal film over the top of them. Dang it!
So I scraped the decals off and will look for generic numbers from my spare decals. 

The missiles look great, and the perfect size. As can be seen in the pics, they are from OzMods. The arrow points to one that came with the kit. You can see how distorted it is compared to OzMods'.
Arrow points to the one that came with the kit.

There is a very fine bit of flash between the pour stub and the missile on each one plus an attachment point mid missile that needs to be removed. The other connection point is one of the tail fins. Once the stub mid missile is cut, the other breaks away cleanly by just rolling the missile over.

Once cleaned, they were primed and then painted with V's Zinc Chromate. To add a little color I wanted to add yellow to the tips. V's yellow is pretty weak, so first I had to add white. Each one was a quick dip.
Even tho the flash was minimal,  because they are so thin, it takes time to cleanup. Leaving them to dry, they will be added next session. 
Thanks for looking.


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