Sunday, September 30, 2018

One More Thing...

This lil bust was another one of those "while I'm waiting for my main build to dry" type builds. 
This was gotten from one of the Swap and Sell sections of a website - or was it FB? Having bought it like that I have no idea who sculpted or produced. 
Anyway, it's a nice little kit of the lead in the 70's series Columbo. To me the sculpt seems like a sketch type sculpt (a bit rough) so I decided to leave it that way.  I found this pic to use as my inspiration - 

And put down a base coat - 

From there is was just a matter of refining the colors. I did agonize over the 5 o'clock shadow - too much, too little and back again. Finally I was happy, and tackled the next trouble spot - his eyes. We all know that Peter Falk had one glass eye, and at times was a little off. So after all these busts at trying to make the eyes appear to be looking at the same spot. This time I had difficulty making his right eye a little off center w/o making it look goofy. In the end I was happy with it.
As the kit didn't have a name, when I get a proper base, it'll be called "One More Thing" after the famous line the character used to solve the crime.
Thanks for looking. 

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