Thursday, June 8, 2017

Zombo and the Hedge Lion - The Not at Wfest Builds

For those in the know, Wonder Fest went off last weekend. Wonder Fest is a scale model show and competition more dedicated to the horror, sci-fi, and fantasy genres. If you'd like to know more check the link or for a better flavor search "Wonder Fest" in YouTube. There will be a ton of video.
One of these years I'll get there, but this time around I have two completed builds and one that's getting ready for paint, MFTW Vampira (will be seen in it's own post), that were done during the WF weekend time frame. Being these were easy builds, I have no WIPs as once I started I just got in a groove and moved along.

The first is Zombo. Zombo was a character that appeared in an episode of the Munsters (1966).  
This has been colorized. Cannot find an actual color image.

Eddie, the son, wins a contest to meet Zombo, and appear on the Zombo show. Like many kids, Eddie thought Zombo was real, and when he got to meet the man behind the Zombo - Louis Nye - he was hugely disappointed to where he ruins Zombo. I'm sure the episode is on You Tube. 

The kit is about 6 inches tall, and was gotten from a guy on eBay. As a bonus he also threw in Gran'pa Munster. Nice! But anyway, the kit came in 3 parts - the head/body arms are all one piece and then the two claw hands were separate.

The sculpt was ok. There are parts especially close to the deep folds of the costume where it get a little rough. 

I didn't want to just maks another B&W model. So I took the colored image for the face but did the symbols on his robe and cape in Vallejo Silver and Gold. The robe was done in German Gray, and the cape in Gray Black. His face was done in a Blue Gray. To change things up I made his pants and shoes two colors of brown.
I'll have to come up with a base for him as none came with the figure. As of right now, Zombo is just stuck in a piece of foam primed black.  

The next build is another simple one. It's the Hedge Lion that appears in the book and made for TV version of The Shining. As you prolly all know the book/TV mini series and movie are very different stories. 

The Lion was obtained from Gillman Prod., when you bought their Jack Torrance with an axe bust. 
The Lion came in two parts - the body and then the tail. I painted a base coat of Vallejo green with lighter green highlights, and the shadows were done in Citadel Green wash. The eyes were painted black, then a dot of white, to lighten the area knowing I was going to end it with yellow. Vallejo yellows are rather weak pigment wise.  Thanks for looking.


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Memphis In Vegas said...

WOW! A Zombo figurine? INSANE! I dressed as Zombor for a couple of years when I was in elelmentary school in L.A. in the 60's. It's STILL my favorite Halloween/Munster character and Louie Nye was an amazing actor. If you ever find another one of these or even hear of one, let me know! PLEASE!