Thursday, June 15, 2017

What's New

This time around the mailman has delivered a number of goodies. In no particular order, the first kit is a Harry bust from Harry and the Hendersons sculpted by Mark Van Tine and casted by Gillman Productions. The movie has been out quite a while so everyone should know who Harry is.

Next is another original creation from Skink Haunt. He calls it Stalk Eyed Flies! Below is the box art and the parts - 

I was reading an issue of SAMI when I saw they reviewed decals for a NASA version of a C-47. As a builder of NASA aircraft, I had to investigate, and found them on eBay - 

Having C-47 decals, I now need a C-47. So when Mega Hobby sent me their newest email newsletter I took a look. They had a number of 1:72 C-47 models but I chose the Italeri version. After building these tiny 1:72 models I was shocked to see how big it really is while in the same scale - 
While at Mega Hobby, they had Mobius' Death Dealer in their new kit section. Based on a Frank Frazetta painting, I just had to have this one - 
While there I had to pick up some new Vallejo clear coats. I don't know if the old ones I had just went bad, or there was something wrong. Either way they were leaving a sort of streaky, milky film on the kits. So I tossed them and bought new ones. Seems they changed the bottles, maybe the formula changed as well. 
Thanks for looking.

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