Friday, February 5, 2016

New Aquisitions

I had a few more kits show up at my door this week. First is a Dracula sculpt. Looking at his head, it matches up with a 1/6 scale figure. However the body is elongated making the kit very tall (~22 in.).  Closeup of his face reveals a very maniacal stare. 

The next kit is a bit of an oddball. For those that read the novel The Shining
you may remember the part where the Hedge Lions come to life to get Danny.  Here's the Lion. It just begs for a little vignette - -

Finally while perusing the Starship Modeler Store, I ran across this 1:1300 scale space ship kit from Hasagawa. It's the Bentenmaru from the show Boadcious Space Pirates.  Now I must admit I've never even heard of the show, but the ship attracted my attention. Some Japanese cartoons have a ton of interesting starship configurations!  

Thanks for looking.

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