Sunday, August 12, 2018

The Phantom of the Opera

Yet another kit that has been sitting, waiting for paint for a while now.  It's Lon Chaney Sr., as the Phantom of the Opera.  This is a four part kit - the bust and 3 pieces for the base. Silent Screen Icons also included sheets of miniature music to add to the base. 

Diving right in, things start with some research and I found that Lon Chaney Sr. had both brown hair and eyes.  The painting starts. I wanted a monstrous "I live in the sewers" look So I started out with a pale greenish color - 

 Then to make him human, a little flesh color - 

He needed a little more "something", so I added some veins, and then a pale color on top. I also darken around the eyes, and added beige to his teeth - 

 Taking a break from the figure, I put together the walls of the base, and added a sepia wash to the edges of the sheet music - 

All that was left to do was paint his jacket/cape black with a purple wash in the recesses, ivory on his shirt, three shades of re on his tie, and a little gold on his cuff links and cape. Thanks for looking.

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