Thursday, August 16, 2018

AT-99 Scorpion part 2

Work moves slowly with this kit. So slowly that I'm just taking pics at the end of a session to record what was done. This entry is the result of 3 sessions.

In this session I cut off what was a pour plug on the tail. Becasue the kit is rough, I don't want to cut off anything that should remain.  Next was to clean the horizontal tail plane and then the two vertical stabilizers.  what I also did was to again take out the rivet maker for 1/72 and drew rivets all over.

The next day I was back and the next step was to add the forward winglets to the front of the craft. On it are two gatling guns. The flash etc... for the winglets were bad. But looking at the guns, one of them had the mold slip and left a step. Repairing the barrels were just too difficult so I cut them off and added new barrels out of 1.2mm styrene rods. 

After cleaning them up, they looked rather weak so I decided that I would add them later to the craft to avoid them being constantly knocked off.

For day 3 I turned to the large wings and also the rocket canisters. There are two different kinds. One set with a long "handle", and one with short ones. I should have 6 long ones, and 4 short. But no matter how I counted, I was one short of the long and one extra on the short. They were so badly cast, that there may have been a long one where and thought it short and cut what I thought was the pour plug ...

But first the wings seemed fairly easy to clean up. After the cleanup I decided to add the rivets. I rolled along nicely until PLOP! I fell in a hole. It was a bubble just under the surface. OK, I'll have to fix that. Then a few minutes later - PLOP again. Another hole! 
I hold the piece up to the light, and there were 3 of them. One, luckily I missed. The other two got the Aves treatment. 

Now came the canisters. Most of them were bad.

The rest of the session was taken up by cleaning these canisters.  Even more time was spent drilling the small holes at the back of the canisters. There's nothing I can do about the little nubs in the front. 
More coming soon. Thanks for looking.

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