Friday, August 31, 2018

AT-99 Scorpion part 5

I thought this session I would be done with the copter, and would start on the base/vignette. Nope, not to be. First thing I did was paint the gray stripe a light blue so at least you can see the guy in the cockpit - 

Then having glued the front and back of the canopy to hold it in place, I did the sides today.  Then I puttied and even painted it. But looking at the pic, it's really uneven and need to get in there with more putty. even with the bright blue stripe and a few coats of Future, the vac form canopy isn't that clear...

While I was waiting for the canopy to dry, I did a little more weathering. All of the vehicles in the movie were well looked after, so while I want them to looked used, I didn't want them all beat up.
One other point is I got out the missiles from the 1/72 set, and SOB they are gigantic compared to the missiles in the kit. All I can guess it that they used 1/144 scale missiles. From the looks of them they are sidewinders. So I found 1/144 Sidewinders on ebay.  we'll see, if they don't fit, I guess I WILL have to make my own. But I'll be mad about it.

Thanks for looking. I should really finish up next time.

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