Saturday, September 2, 2017

Glencoe Retriever rocket

While I'm letting the paint dry on the Sky Flash, I pulled Glencoe Model's Retriever Rocket out of the stash. It's another kit that I had quite a while and taking a break from resin, it'll be good to work in styrene once again. 
The first thing I noticed was that there is a huge flight deck window. Looking thru the parts there is no flight deck ... nothing.  So two things that can be done is to just shade the windows over so you can't see in, or create a flight deck. 
If anyone actually reads this stuff, and if any of those who know me, knows I have to make things WAY difficult for myself. So I am going to create a flight deck.  The box says this kit is 1:72 scale, so the first thing I did was to get one of those tools that lets you figure out curves angles etc... When that came I figured where the back wall of the fight deck was to be. From there I figured out a floor covering every angle that could be seen from the inside. 
Next I bought some 1:72 cockpit seats.  They came from a Ka-27 jet strictly becasue they had four in the package. The I wanted to make it really busy, so I also bought instrument panel PE.
The PE set is actually 1:48 scale. I didn't mind it being big as I wanted the flight deck to look "busy' and this will definitely do that. 

Let's start building - 

Oops, that came busted.
 Turning my attention back to the flight deck, I think I did a review of Blue Stuff. It's looks like squared off lengths of blue hot glue sticks. It softens when it is put into *hot* water, and is used for making copies of parts. I had a 1:72 pilot mold sitting around for a long while. So I got it out and started making pilots. I decided to use 3 seats, so I will need 3 copies.
Here's on pilot done sitting on the Blue Stuff mold with pilot #2 inside "cooking." The pilot is made of Yellow Gray Milliput. You can use any sort of 2 part epoxy. The one caveat is that for whatever reason Aves Apoxie Sculpt will not work. No matter how long you leave it, the copy won't harden. So far Milliput and Greenstuff has worked for me.  For other epoxies - try it out. If it doesn't work it won't ruin the mold, only waste a little time.
Thanks for looking. See everyone next time.


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