Saturday, November 5, 2016

New Aquisition

Having gone a little crazy with a few Fantastic Plastic sale buys (info on these coming soon), I've been taking it a little easy lately. But this one popped up on Facebook from the mind of Moon Devil Studio's, John Dennett.
Here we have Pumpkin Puss. As mentioned it's an original kit that seems to be a cross between a pumpkin, alien and evil monster - 

You can see an evil face has emerged from the pumpkin just as he rises up on it's tentacle limbs. 

The kit stands about 6 inches tall and is flawlessly cast in odorless orange resin. There are no bubbles, and any seam that was present has been completely removed by John.

Seeming I got the first cast, as written as he autographed the bottom of the base. Nice!
This is a perfect little addition to any Halloween fans. I'm looking fwd to painting it soon.

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