Tuesday, July 24, 2018

TIE Experimental

This build has been running in stealth mode for a while now. It's called the TIE Experimental from Trilliance Models. Looking up info forr Trilliance, I found nothing except a place holder at Scalemates. More than likely I got it thru Starship Modeler, but even they have no listing in their Store. 

It's obviously an older kit that was one of a number of kits that I pulled out of a separate stash I had. 
The kit comes in 4 pieces of gray green resin and 1 in a nicely done clear resin - 
  Most of it is very clean and has sharp decals. There is, however a weird area where the pour plug was in the power panel/vane - 
After cleaning the pour plug on the panel, I started in on cleaning up the pour plugs at the end of each pod arm.  Here I used a Dremel flat cylinder bit. I create a divot first and then it's easier to flatten the rest of it out. Makes it nice and easy. I learned this from one of the guys build launch vehicles over at the Yahoo Real Space Modelers.

Just the divot(L) and the cleaned one(R) on the pod arm

With the seam lines, flash and pour plugs gone, the first step I did was to glue the cannon onto the one pod. You can see the pod on the right, where the pilot should be, is filled with "electronics."  With that I called it a day. This will be an easy one. check back for the finale. Thanks for looking.

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