Friday, March 9, 2018

The Deep One Part 2A

Where we last left off was that my paint job was ruined when the Krylon Satin frosted on the model.

While writing the last post, I went to the Krylon website to get the details, pics etc... for the post. While there I noticed they had a Q&A section. Looking it over there were a number of questions as to what to do when it frosts. Apparently this must happen a lot.  Whoever was writing for Krylon matter of factly said "Oh just spray it with gloss."  What?  But I figured how could it hurt and tried it.

Sure enough the frost completely disappeared on the parts that were lightly frosted. where I must have put it on heavier, there was no change.   So yeah, a coating of gloss may help if you get the dreaded frosting. Hope this helps.

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