Thursday, November 8, 2018

Zeppelin Rammer Finale

We start this last chapter of this build by adding the decals to the tail and along the side of the fuselage. While that was drying, I took and oval base and painted it sky blue, and then some white to mimic clouds. 

Once the decals were dry I then went about to destroy them. I scratched the tail decal up, especially around where I had already drilled the bullet holes. From there it was just a matter of weathering it so I added a little V Smoke and then some black dots to replicate shrapnel burns. 

Then it's time to install the Rammer. I had already measured a clear rod to fit thru the wound and then down thru the open landing gear door. All that was left was to measure the the length that I wanted to make the Rammer from the bomber, cut it and then drill the end of the rod to an angle to settle the Rammer into space. Once that was done I called it finished. Thanks for looking. 

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