Monday, January 15, 2018

XSL-01 Moon Ship Glider

This kit was a Fantastic Plastic release back 2011-13. This kit is a re-imagining of the original kit of Revell from 1957. From FP's site:

The XSL-01 (Experimental Space Laboratory Number 1) was designed in the mid-1950s by aerospace engineer Ellwyn E. Angle. Formerly associated with the Bell X-1 and X-5 projects, Angle was working for a new spaceflight startup company, Systems Laboratory Corporation (SLC) in Sherman Oaks, California, when he was put in contact with Revell Models in nearby Venice, Ca., which was interested in original designs for its expanding line of space-related model kits.

 The kit is 1:72 scale and comes in 5 simple parts. The casting was done by BLAP! Models and is flawless. There was so few parts that I forgot to take a "before I started" pic.  Here's the ship is together and primed. The small blue piece is the engine before it is primed. The decals are also very well done. FP always reminds us to put a coat of decal film over it, and that's what was done.
There wasn't any painting instruction, so I just followed the box art. The was a diagram for the decals, and I forget exactly, but I think the box art decals was different than the placement on the instructions. No matter, it's a hypothetical ship - so I can do what I want. 
The flaps (or whatever they are) are done in Vallejo Sky Gray. The red nosecone was done with my favorite red - Citadel's Mephiston Red.  The panel lines are deep enough that from my initial priming of black, I don't feel I need to highlight them any further with a wash.
I've ordered some special paint to cover the blacked out windows. More on that, in the next session. Thanks for looking


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